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  • Como encontrar uma hospedagem na Rota Ecológica dos Milagres?
    Na plataforma do Viva Milagres você encontra as melhores opções de acomodações rústicas e de charme na Rota Ecológica dos Milagres. Além do serviço de aluguel de casas, o Viva Milagres também realiza parceria com pousadas da região. Entregando hospitalidade marcante, cultura local e o sentimento de lar. Pra você se sentir em casa no paraíso!
  • What are the payment terms and conditions?
    To guarantee your accommodation, just make the transfer, we work with the 30/30/40 model, this means that 30% of the payment is made at the time of booking, 30% is made 90 days before the accommodation period and 40% 20 days before.
  • Where can I stay on the Ecological Route of Miracles?
    We have several types of accommodation, so you can choose the one that best suits your vibe! If you prefer to relax and relax, we recommend Praia do Patacho, which is a little further away from the party venues. If you are into revelry, we recommend Praia do Marceneiro, which is close to our parties
  • Where to hire services for home ?
    Our Viva Milagres platform works with the indication of employees in the region for any necessary service, maid, cook, security, barbecue, etc.
  • What are the cancellation conditions?
    In case of cancellation of the reservation, the amount paid is not refunded as a fine.
  • Do the houses have parking?
    Yes, most houses have parking! To find out more, just enter the Viva Milagres platform ( 26-12-2022/al-02-01-2023/ ) that there is indicating all the details of the house you want to rent.
  • How do I know if the house I want to rent is close to the parties?
    Our Meeting Point is located at Praia do Marceneiro, this is the place where you can find people to travel by van to the party venue! So, to stay close, the best place is Praia do Marceneiro.
  • Do you have a gym at home?
    There isn't, but you can take the opportunity to do outdoor activities like on the beach or in the open area of the house!
  • Are the houses pet friendly?
    Most yes, but the ideal is to consult beforehand.
  • WOW Hosting:
    We have selected some houses that will surprise you! Come take a look: - < strong> 2023&FRMAdultos=10 - < strong> 2023&FRMAdultos=10 - < strong> 12/2022&FRMSalida=02/01/2023&FRMAdultos=10 - < strong> 2023&FRMAdultos=10 - < strong> 2023&FRMAdultos=10
  • Accommodations to go with the gang:
    Call your best friends! - < strong> FRMEntrada=26/12/2022&FRMSalida=02/01/2023&FRMAdultos=10 - < strong> 2023&FRMAdultos=10 - < strong> FRMEntrada=26/12/2022&FRMSalida=02/01/2023&FRMAdultos=10 - < strong> 12/2022&FRMSalida=02/01/2023&FRMAdultos=10 - < strong> 352611.html?FRMEntrada=26/12/2022&FRMSalida=02/01/2023&FRMAdultos=10 - < strong> 2023&FRMAdultos=10
  • What is the check in and check out time?
    Check in from 14:00 Check out until 12:00
  • Do I need to rent any equipment?
    No, on the raft tours they offer diving goggles for you to explore the second largest barrier reef in the world up close!
  • Learn about local history.
    The Ecological Route is made up of three municipalities full of culture and history to tell, so come here and discover how it all started ( )
  • Where to Eat and Drink?
    To make your life easier, we handpicked the most charming restaurants that consider affectionate cuisine as their main course. Come take a look at our guide to delights in the region! ( br/comer-e-berber )
  • Restaurant recommendations with vegetarian options
    Here are some restaurants that offer vegetarian options on the menu, come check out these delights! In the backyard ( restaurantnobackyard/ ) Peixe na Telha ( /peixenatelhamilagres/ ) Ninanoa ( //a> ) Patricia Bistrô ( patriciabistro/ ) Pizzaria Sicilia ( siciliapizzariaegelato/ )
  • What is there to see and do?
    The Rota Ecológica dos Milagres is a small fishing village where you can do everything, even nothing! The perfect place to relax, feel the warm water of the sea and enjoy the natural beauty and, with your best friends, enjoy unique experiences that combine music, culture, art and gastronomy. That's why we've put together a special guide for you who want to know more about the Route.
  • Do you know the Tamo Institute together?
    We live in Community… We are local, we are unity. It's about being together… All year long! It's about transforming socio-environmental potential into socio-environmental power Get to know the socio-environmental projects carried out by Instituto Tamo Junto (https: // )
  • Is a tour guide required?
    It depends, on some tours we have local guides such as jangadeiros. But if you prefer to explore undiscovered corners by the beaches or river, feel free!
  • Do you have parking on the tours?
    Most of them do, but it's good to check beforehand to be sure and not miss a trip
  • What do I need to bring for the trip?
    Important to remember: Sunscreen Canga Sunglasses Repellent Remedies Good mood Your best friends
  • Where can I exercise?
    At the beach, you can take the opportunity to practice a new sport like altinha, yoga or go for a jog! We even have the Milagres Fit space, where we offer structure for outdoor exercises on the beach!
  • Where can I see the manatee?
    The Associação do Peixe Boi (https://www.instagram .com/associacaopeixeboi/), provides incredible experiences where you can see the manatee in their natural habitat, respecting their well-being and contributing to the preservation of the species.
  • Learn about the history of the Rota Ecológica dos Milagres (historical and tourist attractions)
    Porto de Pedras Lighthouse: The lighthouse was installed by the Brazilian Navy at the time of World War II, in 1933, shows the importance of the region for maritime navigation at the time. Bobo Gaiato Cultural Center: Bobo Gaiato's main mission is to rescue and enhance one of the most remembered carnival activities in the region and at the same time regretted by its absence: the Bloco dos Bobos! ( ) Fonte dos Milagres: The fountain of miracles is a very important monument to our history, and it is also because of it that the name of the village of São Miguel dos Milagres came about
  • Indication of ecotourism tours
    Ecotourism is a tourist activity that encourages visitation and conservation of natural resources, promoting environmental awareness and local culture. These are some of the places that respect the natural process of the environment and at the same time provide incredible experiences! Manatee Association ( ) Catole Experience and Culture ( )< /span> Camboa Eco Turismo ( )
  • Coral and Manatee Care Tips
    To be in harmony with our ecosystem, it is essential to remember that we need to take some care with the fauna and flora that surround us, so we brought some important points: It is forbidden to touch manatees It is forbidden to feed them Don't step on the corals, so you avoid getting hurt and hurting them Use of boats only with a sterndrive, that is, the engines of the classic rafts of Milagres. Larger engines make a lot of noise and disturb marine animals so they are prohibited.
  • Where can I buy local crafts?
    To live Milagres intensely is also to discover the rich handicrafts of the place! This local tradition is pure poetry with your hands! Places we recommend are: Tatu's burrow, sunrise craft, Senhor Lima's sandals shop to find beautiful pieces made of straw, wood, coconut fiber and Artesana studio (< /u> ) that unites the beauty of handmade and craft with purpose.
  • Does Miracles have an environmental or conservation fee?
    No, here in Milagres there is no environmental or conservation tax. Therefore, we count on you to contribute to the preservation of our village. In other words, don't forget to remove your trash from the beach!
  • 6 habits to travel more sustainably
    Choose destinations that are concerned with socio-environmental guidelines Eat at local and seasonal restaurants Show respect for local culture Prefer to get around by bike or on foot Remember to bring your own water bottle for the walks and the beach Buy crafts from local artists
  • Where can I rent a bike?
    At Standard Rentals ( /padraorentals/ ), which is located in Vila da Praia do Marceneiro. In addition to bikes, you can also rent a car, scooter and they also provide the transfer service from Maceió to Milagres, literally a hand on the wheel!
  • With a full glass, places to have good drinks
    We've selected some places where you can find super different drinks and feel an explosion of flavors! - Tahafa ( tahafamilagres/ ) - Mira ( miracles/ ) - Paru ( paruhotel/ )
  • Discover Miracles, beach by beach
    The Rota Ecológica dos Milagres is an extensive junction of paradisiacal beaches surrounded by the second largest barrier reef in the world! For you to know and explore our Route better, we tell you more about each beach here ( )
  • How to get to Miracles?
    The closest airport to the Rota Ecológica dos Milagres is Maceió, which is 95 km from here. You can rent a car or a transfer to get to the Route. If you need it, here is Leandro's number, he does this transfer service! +55 82 9324-6226
  • How to get around in Milagres?
    Rent a car in Maceió, use the local driver service, rent a bike or motorbike.
  • Should I bring cash?
    Most places accept cards, but it's good to bring some cash if you need to buy something more specific!
  • What is the voltage on the Ecological Route of Miracles?
    The voltage here is 220V, if your electronics have a different voltage, don't forget to bring the transformer!
  • How does the cell signal in Milagres work? It is the internet ?
    The operators with the best network coverage are Vivo and Claro, and the others work with some difficulty. Regarding the internet, there is a wifi network in the event spaces, in all Viva Milagres accommodations and in most establishments in the region.
  • Where can I do my grocery shopping? Is there a delivery?
    In the local markets, such as Tião, which is next to the Artesana studio. We also do food delivery service, the order is placed about a month before the start of the events.
  • Is there a drink delivery service?
    Yes, it's done through the same service channel as our food delivery, with the difference that you can order drinks during your stay in Milagres!
  • I can't find an air ticket. And now ?
    In most travel sites you can put a reminder, so you are always notified of ticket prices, especially when there is a promotion. Stay tuned so you don't miss out on these opportunities!
  • How many parties make up the complete New Year's Eve program for Miracles 2023? Are the parties open bar?
    There are a total of 5 parties, they start on the 26th and go until the 31st. All our parties are open bar.
  • Will there be food at the event? Are there vegetarian options? Without gluten ?
    Yes, during the events there are stands for some local restaurants, and on New Year's Eve we have the W Gourmet buffet, coordinated by Wanderson Medeiros, awarded twice as the best caterer of the year.
  • Will there be medical services on site?
    Yes, all events have an outpatient clinic.
  • Sustainability and the New Year's Eve of Miracles. understand the relationship
    We are brazen lovers of the nature that embraces us and that shows in the desire we have to preserve it! Our goal is to make the Tamo Junto ecosystem sustainable and geared towards a socially engaged and environmentally conscious region. Click here (link to institute page) to learn more
  • Where to find the classic I Believe in Miracles cap?
    In the Artesana studio you will find our darling!
  • What is the minimum age allowed?
    Our events are for over 18s, if you're younger, hold on a little longer, we'll be here waiting for you!
  • When is the high season?
    High season is in summer, between November and January.
  • What is the rainy season?
    The rainy season starts at the end of May and runs until July.
  • What style of looks do I choose for parties?
    Our parties are on the beach, which means the revelry takes place on the sand! The important thing is to go comfortable, put aside the heels and bet on flip flops, go with what makes you feel good!
  • Do you have a party during the day?
    Yes, parties happen at Mira!
  • I would like to work with you! How do I do ?
    We love your interest in joining our schist team! You can send an email to HR explaining why you want to work at Tamo Junto.


Réveillon dos Milagres

+55 82 9 9147-3974


Viva Milagres Temporada

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