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Go beyond the dance floor! 


Believing in Miracles is knowing that there is a place where love and smile are contagious. 


We believe in celebrating happiness. Each one in their own way, but all with the same purpose. 


The purpose of being part of the community that surrounds us. 


To contribute with all the beauty that inspires. 


To embrace sustainability as a routine. 


To take the luxury of simplicity as a lifestyle.


To preserve the local host culture, which welcomes everyone as best friends. 


It's about being together. We believe in Miracles!



We produce unforgettable experiences for our customers, our team and our community, always through the connection with our local identity. We want to leave a positive legacy in the world, multiplying happiness, sustainability, innovation and fun.



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A traditional meeting of friends on New Year's week ends up creating the New Year's Eve of Miracles in 2013. In our first year as a party, the nostalgic Bar de Praia was born, where we spent the afternoons during the New Year's week. It's also the year we share our best friend recipe, caipi de seriguela!

By this time, that small group of friends had already become the first community of believers in life! That's when we invented Casas de São Miguel in order to help our guests find accommodations. In an attempt to materialize the inexplicable, “I Believe in Miracles” becomes a cap, giving birth to the Lojinha dos Milagres.

With the increase in our group of friends, we soon realized that our responsibility towards the region that embraced us had also increased. A seed is then planted. The result is Milagres Sustentável, a project of continuous actions for the development and environmental preservation of our Ecological Route.

To create a ritual of our own and filter the good energies for the turn of the year, we built the Santuário dos Milagres, where we made a small chapel made of mud especially for New Year's Eve. The idea was that everyone could say thanks for the amazing stories written during the week and for the new best friends conquered.

We gathered a few thousand friends at New Year's Eve 2020, but we made sure to keep the artisanal nature of our party. Firm in the purpose of creating good memories and unlikely friendships, we prepared some surprise attractions during the week to thank the largest audience we had seen so far.

With the idea of creating local connections through the hosting experience, we have expanded our booking service. Casas de São Miguel, which had already become Milagres Temporada, becomes Viva Milagres, a carefully curated online booking platform for charming accommodations on the Ecological Route.

The seed we planted with Milagres Sustentável blossoms and gives rise to Instituto Tamo Junto. It was created to preserve fun without causing unnecessary damage to the environment that welcomes us, positively impacting our community and bringing solutions for the sustainable economic development of our region.

A few years after their first kiss on New Year's Eve, two boyfriends from that small group of friends decide to get married. It is the love of the two that raises the walls of the Capela dos Milagres, built right there, in the Sanctuary. The sea breeze coming through the windows, bare feet on the sandy floor, the ringing of the bell…

Let's get back to basics! The year of the pandemic was also, for us, a time to go back, a true return to our origins. We left that period certain that our greatest desire was to continue being a handcrafted event. Handcrafted in direct contact with the public, in welcoming and caring for the experience.

It's been 10 years since that traditional meeting of friends became New Year's Eve of Miracles. With the vaccine in hand, our community runs back to the Ecological Route. The largest amount of believers ever seen! It is the farewell to a difficult year and also to our dear Bar de Praia, which gives rise to new stories.

Welcome to the first of the next 10 years!


We produce events that we would like to go to. We build places we would like to visit. We approach people we would like to live with. And we create experiences that we would like to live.









It all started with the desire to create a week to be barefoot next to those best friends. From 2009 to 2012, we were just a small group of people getting together to celebrate the New Year. In three years, our team has grown… We discovered the wonder of making new best friends from all over the world! Even so, we chose not to change our essence. To this day, we like to be a handcrafted event, concerned with the encounters, connections, experiences and memories that we can live in the space of a week.


Every year, throughout the year, we prepare the best week of your life with great care. There are many people dedicating their time to ensure an unforgettable experience. These are the people who make Miracles happen!

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