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In addition to visiting the preservation sanctuary of this cute little creature, this is the ideal place to delve into the history of the species, connect with the native forest of the Tatuamunha River and talk about preservation with the guides. There are the real guardians of the manatees!

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R. Luiz Ferreira Dorta, 25, Tatuamunha, 
Porto de Pedras - AL, 57945-000

(082) 99810-3021

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Natural swimming pool


The jangadeiros, full of good stories, invite you to renew your energies in the natural pools! When booking your tour, make sure which beach your raft will depart from. Look for the dry tide, little visited natural pools and ask the locals for tips.

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Signed Praia do Marceneiro: (82) 9 99127-4745

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Signed Porto da Rua: (82) 99396-8759 

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Tonny     (82) 9.9194-7451

Wagner  (82) 9.9139-2740



A workshop of good memories, Artesana is the result of Lojinha dos Milagres, of the New Year's Eve of Grupo Tamo Junto. With pieces produced exclusively by women, Artesana arrived with the mission of materializing the magical spirit of Milagres through the beauty of handmade and female protagonism.

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Rua Praia, Passo de Camaragibe - AL

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(082) 98156-7453

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Bike by the Beach
of the hills


Full of cliffs, Praia dos Morros is where the Camaragibe River flows, in one of the most deserted stretches of the Rota Ecológica dos Milagres. Cycling through this paradisiacal setting is walking the perfect path of connection with nature, which overflows with energy and beauty everywhere!

Rua de Artesanato Tatuamunha


To live Milagres intensely is also to know the rich handicrafts of the place. This local tradition is pure poetry made with hands! Just visit Toca do Tatu, Artesanato Nascer do Sol or Senhor Lima's sandals store to find beautiful pieces made of straw, wood, coconut fiber and banana, richelieu and other fillet.

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Tattoo - AL

 Farol DE Porto de Pedras


The Route is full of buildings that tell the history of the place, from colonial times to the most recent popular knowledge. In Porto de Pedras, the lighthouse installed by the Brazilian Navy at the time of World War II, in 1933, shows the importance of the region for maritime navigation at the time.

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Port of Pedras - AL


Massage Therapy and  acupuncture


Much more than a massage, an experience! Enjoying the sensory arts, such as massage therapy and acupuncture, against the backdrop of nature, is the perfect dose of relaxation. Just close your eyes and disconnect your mind to connect!

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Reservations: +55 82 99665-3417



The Catolé group promotes various experiences in the midst of nature that raise environmental awareness and value the diversity of local heritage. Among the workshops promoted, it is possible to learn, for example, wattle and daub, an ancient technique for building mud houses.

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Reservations: +55 82 99985-7119

Camboas Trail


Walking through the rich scenery of the Ecological Route ecosystems is a source of inspiration for those looking to combine the experience of nature with an adventurous spirit. Taking a relaxing bath in the Tatuamunha River is the most delicious trail closure you can find!

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Reservations: +55 82 9 9174-1599

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