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we are the Ecological Route of Miracles  


A village small and big at the same time 


A place of good energy 


From simple and welcoming people.  

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The Route is made up of three small towns connected by 23 km

of coconut trees.  His design shows only one main street, surrounded

by villages and embraced by the second largest barrier reef

in the world, for the tropical forest and for the riches of the local culture.


Around here, we keep the habit of celebrating life with bare feet. 


The light breeze inspires this uncomplicated way of carrying the day.


It seems that, somehow, time passes slowly around here…


To fish, to harvest and to observe are verbs of the present tense

that whisper stories of the past.

Like the story of shellfish gatherers, which for generations

harvest mangrove fruits from the sea


like the story

of our demonstrations


Bumba Meu Boi; jester fool

and their masks that give continuity

to the magic of the traditional Carnival of the Bobos de Tatuamunha and the Procession of São Pedro, patron saint of fishermen!


Bobo Gaiato and his masks that continue the magic of the traditional Carnival of the Bobos de Tatuamunha!


And the procession of Saint Peter, patron saint of fishermen!



like that of…

Aurélio Buarque de Holanda , born in Passo de Camaragibe. Who turned his love for words into the New Dictionary of the Portuguese Language, better known as Dicionário Aurélio.

Or even the beauty of ancient customs, like… 

Play cards under the mango tree!

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